Why do you like to make Art?
I Like to make Art because I like to feel inspired. I live for the feeling of the opportunity to free my imagination to create new ways to share that inspiration.

What subjects do you prefer? Why?
I incorporate subjects mostly from nature. Animals, landscapes, and nature itself have a sacred geometric balance. Here is where I'm most interested.

What processes and techniques do you use? Why?
For a long time, using clay and working with ceramics has been one of my favorite mediums. Working with clay inspires me to compliment my body of work with paintings and installations. I am showing that Art forms happen in all dimensions; this is the kind of experience I often find myself driven by.

How is your work different from others?
Since now, most of us has discovered many artistic talents, each pair of hand are different from another.  We all have something different to bring to the table in our unique way. What makes me different and what I believe I bring is unique is. What I create, I make it with a functional intention. What I create not only serves an artistic purpose, but it holds functionality as well. Each piece reverberates a specific vibration that sets the environment in a particular state to support, inspire and elevate one's conscious states.

What do you see in your artwork?
I see in each of my pieces an offering of appreciation for life. I see the possibilities to grow, heal and transform one's inner beliefs.

What do other people say they see?
People have provided responsive feedbacks, having reflective experiences that make them feel at peace and inspire.

What are your goals and aspirations as an artist?
My goal as an artist is to each day fall even more in love with what I do. If anything you do, you do it with Love; Love is what you'll become. If an art piece of my creation has brought light and radiant life energy into your life, then I have succeeded in all of my goals and dreams.

Who or what inspires you?
Life, you and me. You are a reflection of who and what I am; therefore, seeing you is seeing myself. Seeing myself is seeing life. Seeing life is seeing God.

Welcome to my Portfolio..



Using recycled scrap materials, I design a different series of installations and sculptures. This project started in 2012 when my interest in Conscious Art started for environmental benefits. Currently displayed in Multi Plaza Paraiso Mall in Caracas, Venezuela.

Cascada Avila.jpg


My photography journey started when I fell In love with the light. Looking through a lens my beautiful city I found a detailed world I could've never imagined.

You will find a special project called "Bajo el Atardecer" (under the sunset) It is a distinctive approach to one of the most recurrent hoods in Caracas, Venezuela 



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Barbara Pecorelli_inblue_art (25).jpg

This piece entitled "Nucleo" contains the intention of providing and adding to the City of Doral a value of Appreciation and Love for the Family. This piece lost three years of creation and detail built with foundation and proposal to give it the solidity and structural basis of values ​​for all the family nuclei of this Beautiful and committed City. Its solid ceramic structure entails all the elements full of life, providing a lifestyle full of vitality, its detail finishes like marble and aggregates of 14k of pure gold, the purity, the value, and strength that each family must have present to face to any adversity. It's round, and concave structure full of detail similar to pure crystals represents the united community, different sizes, colors, and positions of these crystals create and transmits the great value of the force found in the union.